It's Dark

Day 0

You're not really sure where you are.  A dim, pulsing red light echoes down the staircase to your cell.  You and nearly fifty other prisoners are chained to the walls.  Beaten, but not broken.  It's been a few days, maybe a week, since they came.  Brutes in black armor with burning eyes.  They had magic you had never seen before, weapons that could cut through your steel, and something else… A giant object hung in the sky, blocking out the sun…

You're pretty sure you're in that object.  Some sort of vessel, a ship for the great darkness, perhaps?  But where are they taking you?  Are you slaves? Sacrifices? Soldiers?

The dim red light begins to flash brighter and faster than ever before.  Seems it's time to find some answers.


ncjenkin ncjenkin

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